• Why Would a Windshield Break From the Inside?

    Windshield stress cracks in Miami, Florida
    Have you ever seen a crack in your vehicle’s windshield that looks like it started from the inside? This type of crack is called a stress crack, and it can be caused by several factors. In this blog post, we will discuss the common causes of windshield stress cracks and how to prevent them from occurring.

    What Is a Stress Crack?

    A stress crack is a fracture or line in the glass that appears to start from the middle or center of the windshield, rather than along an edge. It often looks like a starburst with several lines radiating out from one point. Stress cracks are generally caused by changes in temperature, wear and tear, loud noises, manufacturing defects, poor installation, or glass quality issues.

    Temperature Changes

    One of the primary causes of stress cracks is extreme temperature changes. As you drive around Miami and Palm Beach on hot summer days, your car’s interior can heat up quickly. This sudden change in temperature can cause the glass to expand and contract rapidly which can lead to cracking. To avoid this type of damage to your windshield, try to park in shaded areas when possible and take advantage of cooler temperatures at night for longer drives.

    Manufacturing Defects, Poor Installation, or Glass Quality Issues

    Another common cause of stress cracks is due to manufacturing defects or poor installation practices. When purchasing new windshields for your vehicle, make sure they are coming from reputable brands and installers who have experience with automotive glass repairs. USA Auto Glass specializes in providing customers with quality OEM approved auto glass products that are installed properly so you won’t have worry about any unexpected issues down the road.

    Wear & Tear

    Another potential cause of stress cracking is due to wear and tear over time. If you constantly open and close your vehicle doors forcefully or slam them shut when parking your car, then this could eventually lead to cracking in your windshield as well as other parts of your car such as windows or roof panels.

    Loud Noises

    The last major factor that can cause stress cracks is loud noises such as explosions near your car or truck while driving around Miami and Palm Beach streets. Noises like these can create vibration throughout the entire frame which puts extra pressure on all components including your windows and windshield. These pressures can eventually lead to cracking overtime.

    How Can You Prevent Internal Windscreen Cracks?

    The good news is that there are steps you can take to reduce the chances of cracking occurring on your windshield from inside forces like vibrations and temperature fluctuations:

    • Cover your windshield
    • Window tinting
    • Warm-up/cool down gradually
    • Lower music volume
    • Don’t delay repairs

    Why Choose USA Auto Glass in Miami and Palm Beach Florida?

    When it comes time for repairs or replacements USA Auto Glass in Miami and Palm Beach Florida should be your first choice! With over 25 years serving South Florida we have extensive experience dealing with all types of auto glass issues! Our friendly staff speaks Spanish for added convenience and free estimates make budgeting for repairs easy! We offer same-day services, so you won’t have to wait long before getting back on the road again! We also provide mobile service making our services even more convenient for getting work done on-the-go!

    Contact USA Auto Glass in Florida today to get your windshield repair or replacement in Miami and Palm Beach, FL, started today!

  • Is It Safe to Replace Your Own Car’s Windshield Yourself?

    Windshield professionals at USA Auto Glass in Florida.

    Even the most experienced of DIYers might want to think twice before attempting to replace their own car windshield. Replacing a windshield is not an easy job and requires specialized tools, materials, and skills that you may not have. If done incorrectly, you risk serious injury or even death. That’s why it’s a better idea to leave this job to the professionals at USA Auto Glass in Florida.

    The Pros and Cons of Replacing Your Own Windshield

    Replacing a windshield is a task that seems simple enough, but it can quickly become complex and difficult if you don’t have the right tools or expertise. Many people attempt to replace their own windshields in order to save money and time, but it’s important to know the pros and cons of this option before making any decisions. Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of replacing your own windshield.

    Pros of Replacing Your Own Windshield

    • Cost – If you don’t have insurance coverage, it can be cheaper to replace your windshield yourself—if you have the right tools and knowledge.
    • Time – You can fix it when you want, where you want.
    • Learning Experience – Replacing a windshield is an interesting challenge that can teach many new skills.

    Cons of Replacing Your Own Windshield

    • Lack of Experience – Most people do not have experience with replacing their own windshields, so mistakes are likely.
    • Pressure Application – Applying too much pressure when removing or installing the glass can break it beyond repair.
    • Time – The process takes much longer than having someone else do it for you; this could lead to further damage due to leaving the car exposed for extended periods of time.
    • Insurance Coverage – Some insurers will not cover repairs done by anyone other than qualified professionals; check with yours first before attempting a DIY job.
    • Warranty – Many manufacturers offer warranties on their products, but those warranties are voided if non-professionals install them.
    • Safety – Without proper training and equipment, there is an increased chance of injury or further damage to your vehicle during the process of installation.
    • Lack of Proper Equipment – Special tools are needed to safely remove and install a new windshield properly; these tools may not be accessible without professional assistance.
    • Technology – Newer cars include features such as rain sensors and lane departure warnings that require special calibration after installation. If done incorrectly, these features may no longer function properly after the installation process is complete.

    Don’t Risk a DIY Call USA Auto Glass in Florida

    USA Auto Glass in Florida has been serving South Florida for more than 25 years! Our team of experienced technicians can provide same-day services with free estimates and work with all insurance carriers throughout South Florida. Our mobile service comes right to your door so that you don’t have to worry about navigating around town with an unwieldy piece of auto glass that requires special handling. We also have specialists on staff for fleet accounts as well as technicians who are bilingual in Spanish if needed!  So why take unnecessary risks when USA Auto Glass in Florida has got you covered?

    Contact USA Auto Glass in Florida today to get your windshield replacement project in Miami and Palm Beach, FL, underway with the pros!

  • Can an Auto Glass Repair Shop Fix a Scratched Windshield?

    Cracked windshield glass repair shop like USA Auto Glass in Florida.
    Have you recently noticed a scratch on your windshield? If so, you may be wondering if it can be fixed and how much it will cost. Many people are surprised to learn that it is possible to fix a scratched windshield with the help of an auto glass repair shop. Let’s explore the process an auto glass repair shop would use to assess and fix damage, buffing or polishing options, why you shouldn’t attempt to repair a scratched windshield yourself, as well as the benefits of visiting an auto glass repair shop like USA Auto Glass in Florida.

    How Does an Auto Glass Repair Shop Assess Damage?

    An auto glass repair shop can assess the severity of your windshield’s scratches with the help of a magnifying glass, light source and ruler which allows them to measure the depth and width of each scratch. This helps them determine if it is possible to buff out minor surface scratches (less than 1/32-inch deep) or if more serious repairs are necessary such as replacing all or part of your windshield.

    How Is Buffing or Polishing Done on Windshield Glass?

    Depending on how severe your scratches are, an auto glass repair shop may be able to buff them out using special tools such as diamond pads, wet sanding paper and polishing compound. This method requires precision because too much pressure could cause further damage or leave a hazy film over the windshield due to heat buildup during polishing. The technician must also consider surrounding paint jobs when buffing out scratches near car bodywork or door trimming pieces since they can easily become damaged by heat buildup during polishing.

    Why Shouldn’t You Repair a Scratched Windshield Yourself?

    Even if you think you have identified the right tool for repairing your scratched windshield, attempting DIY repairs can be risky because there is no guarantee that you won’t make matters worse or void any existing warranty you have on your car’s windshield In addition, without professional training and specialized equipment, it’s unlikely that you will achieve satisfactory results from DIY attempts at repairing your scratched windshield.

    What Are the Benefits of Having an Auto Glass Repair Shop Repair Your Scratched Windshield?

    The biggest benefit of taking your car’s scratched windshield to an auto glass repair shop like USA Auto Glass in Florida is access to highly trained technicians who have expertise in assessing and repairing cars’ windshields efficiently and safely without risking further damage or voiding any existing warranties. In addition, they will ensure that all repairs are done according to industry standards so that you get long lasting results from their workmanship when they finish repairing your scratched windshield for you!

    Why Should You Choose USA Auto Glass in Florida to Repair Your Scratched Windshield?

    USA Auto Glass in Florida has been providing customers with top notch auto glass services for years now including fixing cracked windows and replacing broken windshields quickly and affordably! Our team of highly skilled technicians specialize in providing quality services while keeping customer satisfaction top priority so that every customer leaves feeling satisfied with their service experience! We also use only high-quality materials for all repairs ensuring that all jobs done at USA Auto Glass meet industry standards for long lasting results!

    So don’t wait another minute! Contact USA Auto Glass today at (954) 577-1234 for quality auto glass service in Miami and Palm Beach, FL backed by industry leading standards!

  • Do All Windshield Chips Need Repairing?

    Windshield Chip Repairs in Florida

    You hear the loud “ping” when driving and suddenly see a tiny chip in your windshield. It’s not your fault, but it isn’t a happy sight. That tiny chip may leave you wondering, do all windshield chips need repairing? The answer may surprise you. USA Auto Glass in Florida is here for all your windshield repair and replacement needs in Miami, FL, and the surrounding areas. Whether you need a small repair or a completely new windshield, we can handle it all. We’ll even come to you to repair your windshield. We understand the stress of driving with a chipped windshield, just waiting for it to spread to the rest of the windshield. We’ll dive into everything you need to know about repairing tiny windshield cracks.

    Windshield Chip Repairs In Florida

    Difference Between a Chipped and Cracked Windshield

    Windshield chips are typically minor blemishes caused by a break in your windshield’s portion of a glass layer. They can usually be repaired if they are small enough. If the chip is deep enough to penetrate the inside layer of plastic, it’s best to get a windshield replacement. Windshield cracks are a line where a single piece of glass is started to completely separate. They often begin as small cracks and grow into large cracks. Tiny particles of dirt and debris often get stuck in these cracks, making them worse.

    Florida Windshield Laws

    Florida has strict windshield laws to keep drivers and passengers safe in vehicles. The Florida Transportation Code Section 316.610 states that driving an unsafe car is a civil infraction due to defective or faulty equipment. A simple crack or chip in your windshield may violate this section. A police officer will determine if the shape, size, and length of the windshield chip impair the driver’s vision. The good news for drivers in Florida is that car insurance companies must pay for windshield repair costs.

    Rock Chip Windshield Repairs & Replacements

    Our experts will determine if your windshield needs repair depending on the chip’s location, size, and depth. It surprises many people when their tiny rock chip needs a windshield replacement. We often decide to replace a windshield because we know that the chip becomes deeper and deeper over time. It’s critical to have your windshield chip examined as soon as possible to determine if you need a new windshield. It will save you time and money in the future.

    Can I Perform Auto Glass Repair?

    There are countless videos about repairing windshield chips and cracks. The answer is that you should always let the professionals handle auto glass repairs. Our technicians undergo extensive auto glass training. We perform auto glass repair on a daily basis so that we can save you time and money in the long run. We use high-grade materials to ensure your windshield chip or crack is repaired in the best possible way. We can also work with advanced driver assistance systems that have components that need to integrate with the windshield. These components must seamlessly connect, or they will not work correctly.

    Is It Safe To Drive With a Cracked Windshield?

    The short answer is “no.” A small chip or crack may seem like an unsightly little blemish, but it can quickly become a significant issue. Windshields are one of the most important parts of your car. A visual obstruction can lead to deadly accidents. The windshield provides safety in the event of a rollover because the force of the wreck is partially transferred through the windshield. A windshield crack becomes a weak point in the structure, compromising the vehicle’s structural integrity.

    Reliable Same-Day Windshield Glass Repair

    Our team at USA Auto Glass understands the stress of a small windshield chip. We’ll assess if the damage is minor enough to repair it. Our windshield repair crew examines the size of the chip or crack, the number of chips or cracks, and the location of the chip or crack. We will perform a windshield replacement if the chip or crack affects the driver’s view or is too close to the windshield edges.

    We Perform On-Site Windshield Replacements

    USA Auto Glass offers fast, on-site windshield replacements. We come to your location and perform a windshield replacement as quickly and efficiently as possible. We don’t want to add any more stress to the situation, so we’re proud to come to you for expert auto glass services.

    Why Choose USA Auto Glass?

    USA Auto Glass, Inc. is a locally-owned and -operated company with more than 40 years of combined experience. Our auto glass repair specialists are proud to serve Miami, West Palm Beach, Kendall, the Keys, Ft. Lauderdale, Homestead, and many surrounding areas. Our leaders believe in treating customers with the highest quality customer service and products. We believe we are making a difference with our on-site, fast, and reliable auto glass services.

    Contact Us for a Free Windshield Repair Estimate

    We urge you to call us as soon as possible once you experience a windshield chip or crack. We provide the fast and professional glass repair services you deserve. Most comprehensive auto insurance policies cover windshield replacements. Call us to come to check it out whether you have a tiny chip or a large crack in your windshield. We offer free estimates and will get the job done right the first time. Contact us today.

  • Is It Legal to Drive With a Cracked Windshield?

    Fast and Reliable Cracked Windshield Services in Florida

    Most people agree that a windshield crack is annoying as the driver manipulates trying to safely view surroundings around an unsightly crack. A window crack weakens your windshield’s structural integrity and is just waiting for the perfect time to spread. USA Auto Glass in Florida repairs and replaces numerous windshields in Miami, FL, due to windshield cracks. The annoying cracks leave many to wonder if driving with a cracked windshield is legal. We’re here to answer this question and provide optimal service for all your auto glass needs.

    Cracked windshield of car in Homestead, FL

    Know Your State Windshield Laws

    It’s essential to know your state’s windshield laws. It is stated in Florida Transportation Code Section 316.610 that it is a civil infraction to drive a vehicle that is unsafe due to defective or faulty equipment. A cracked windshield that affects the driver’s line of sight while driving violates this section. It is up to the discretion of a police officer to determine if the size, shape, and length of the windshield crack impair the driver’s vision. Florida requires car insurance companies to pay for windshield repair costs if you have full coverage auto insurance.

    Why You Should Always Repair Windshield Cracks

    Tiny windshield cracks often seem like harmless, minor inconveniences. The problem is that a tiny crack can become a large problem in seconds. Extreme heat, direct sunlight, motor vibrations, and cold days can quickly cause the crack to grow in size. Automotive glass technology often prevents the windshield from collapsing but can lead to an auto accident due to lack of visibility. It’s less expensive and more effective to get windshield chips and cracks repaired as soon as possible. You’ll simultaneously restore the windshield’s integrity and remove an unsightly crack.

    Same-Day Windshield Chip Repair and Replacement

    USA Auto Glass understands the need to receive windshield chip repair and replacement as soon as possible. Since it’s illegal to drive a vehicle in Florida with chips and cracks in the windshield, we act quickly. Our glass replacement team will come to you to repair or replace your windshield in no time.

    Why Choose USA Auto Glass?

    USA Auto Glass repairs or replaces damaged auto glass at your preferred location. We offer same-day service during weekly business hours. Never try a quick do-it-yourself fix because none of these approaches will ever touch our expertise in repairing a chipped or cracked windshield. We are proud to serve Miami, FL, and the surrounding areas with exemplary auto glass services. For a combined four decades, our team has provided all types of auto glass services, including

    Contact Us for a Free Windshield Repair Estimate

    USA Auto Glass in Florida understands unfortunate events happen on the road. We’re here to repair your auto glass problems. We help drivers get safely back on the road in West Palm Beach, Kendall, the Keys, Ft. Lauderdale, South Miami Heights, Homestead, and surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free estimate!

  • How to Clean Your Windshield Properly

    Tips From Our Windshield Repair & Replacement Specialists in Miami, FL

    When you’re driving around in Miami, FL, you want to ensure you have the best view possible to keep you safe on the road. USA Auto Glass Florida wants to help our valued customers have a clean windshield, so we’ve prepared some tips on how to clean windshields properly. We all know how annoying it can be when you have a dirty windshield after it rains or for some other reason. A dirty windshield is not only a nuisance, but it can also be dangerous by limiting your vision on the road. While the ways to clean the outside of your windshield are pretty well known, it’s not always so easy to clean the inside. Learn more about how to clean your windshield, and get in touch with us if you have cracks or chips that are impairing your vision on the road.

    The man from the car watching the child road crossing in Homestead, FL

    Cleaning the Inside of Your Car’s Windshield

    Cleaning the outside of your car’s windshield can be done in a few ways. First, you can opt to take your vehicle to a car wash. The problem with this option is you’ll have to pay for a more comprehensive and expensive package to get the inside of your vehicle cleaned. You can rely on your vehicle’s windshield washers, but you’ll need to make sure they have enough windshield fluid. You can also clean the outside of your windshield when you stop to get gas. The issue arises when drivers want to clean off the inside of their car’s windshields. Your vehicle will look better, and you will also have increased visibility. Check out the following tips to clean the inside of your windshield:

    • Use a dry microfiber towel to wipe down the inside of your windshield glass to remove any stuck-on dirt and grime.
    • Spray your preferred brand of glass cleaner onto your microfiber towel and wipe down the inside of your windshield. This step cleans any remaining grime or dirt off your windshield.
    • Use rubbing alcohol on a fresh microfiber towel to wipe down the inside of the windshield. Doing this removes fogginess while boosting visibility.
    • Apply a glass cleaner or polish once again to give you even better visibility and extra shine.

    Can You Use Window to Clean Your Car’s Windshield?

    You can use Windex to wash the inside of your car’s windshield if you so choose. You can use just about any household glass cleaner for the inside of your car’s windows. Be careful with Windex because it could discolor or dry out your leather upholstery. Windex could also cause damage to tinted windows, but there’s not much evidence to support that theory. We don’t recommend using Windex on window tint installed by a third party such as USA Auto Glass Florida.

    Improve Visibility by Fixing Chips & Cracks

    USA Auto Glass hopes you have found these tips for cleaning your windshield helpful. One way to ensure you have the best visibility possible is to have our professional windshield repair and replacement team fix any chips or cracks in your windshield. Contact us today to request a quote or schedule fast same-day service.

  • When to Repair or Replace Auto Glass

    When to Repair or Replace Auto Glass

    Windshield Repair & Replacement in Miami, FL

    Have you sustained damage to your car’s windshield? Not to worry! USA Auto Glass Florida proudly provides professional windshield repair and replacement services throughout Miami, FL. It may be difficult to tell if you need a spot repair or a full replacement. We’ve created this guide to give you a better idea of what you can expect when you call us for service. Fortunately, we provide both quick and affordable repairs and replacements. And we come to you! There are many factors that contribute to how we will approach your windshield repair or replacement. Read about what you can expect and contact us as soon as possible if your windshield has been damaged.

    Even the smallest crack or chip can turn into a need for replacement if not treated immediately. Once a windshield is damaged, it is at risk, and needs to be serviced right away.

    Types of Windshield Damage


    Chips are caused by direct impact to your windshield. Pebbles, rocks, and other debris can hit your windshield at high speeds, resulting in the outer glass layer being damaged. Windshields are comprised of multiple layers of glass planes separated by a layer of plastic to insulate and protect the driver. There are also several types of chips your auto glass can sustain. These include:

    • Bullseye
    • Pit
    • Half Moon
    • Combination Break


    Many different factors can cause your auto glass to crack. Instead of impact damage like chips, cracks are caused by temperature changes, pressure changes, and certain auto glass defects. There are also different types of cracks that vary in severity and ways to repair or replace your windshield. They include:

    • Edge Crack
    • Stress Crack
    • Crack Chip
    • Long Crack
    • Star Break
    • Floater Crack
    • Scratches

    Signs a Windshield Can Be Repaired

    Some minimal damage can be repaired without the need to replace your entire windshield. If you have any of the following types of damages on your windshield, we will be able to repair it:

    • Damage does not reduce the safety of the car from a collision or impact
    • Crack is shorter than 12 inches
    • Chip or bullseye is smaller than 1 inch
    • The second, inner layer of glass is not damaged
    • The crack or chip is not close to the outer perimeter of the windshield

    Signs You Will Have to Replace Your Windshield

    Some damage is too severe to spot repair. If you have any of the following issues with your windshield, we will most likely replace it:

    • Damage impairs the diver’s visibility
    • Crack is longer than 14 inches
    • Chip or bullseye is larger than 3 inches
    • Inner layer of glass has also been damaged
    • Damage is near the outer perimeter of your windshield

    Contact Us Today!

    No matter how severe the damage is on your windshield, our team will come to you with the tools and replacements needed to help you. We don’t want you driving any more than you have to with a damaged windshield as it is dangerous, can get worse with normal driving, and can impair your visibility. Even if you just have a small chip in your windshield, you should have it repaired as quickly as possible. Don’t wait till it’s too late and you have to replace the entire pane when a quick repair was all it took. Contact our team today to schedule your auto glass repair service. We proudly serve throughout Miami, FL. Our team works on all makes and models of vehicles, both personal-use and commercial.

  • Myths Debunked About Windshield Replacement

    Auto Glass Repair Myths You Should Ignore

    Myths Debunked About Windshield Replacement

    At some point as a car owner, you’ll have to deal with a chipped or cracked windshield. This is a rather nerve-wracking experience, especially when most people associate windshield repairs with exorbitant bills.

    Continue reading “Myths Debunked About Windshield Replacement”